Your Son Is Dead So China Can Mine Copper…

usafghansoldierAccording to the Associated Press, China has trumped U.S. competitors and gained a foothold in Afghanistan economically by winning a bid for one of the largest untapped copper mines in the world. The potential price tag on this complete mockery of a situation: 3 Billion dollars. While U.S. Soldiers and Marines, Canadian Snipers, British Royal Marines, and other NATO forces fight to bring stability and safety to the region, the Afghan government, through allegedly underhanded dealings and apparently having smoked way too much hashish, have awarded this immense economic project to a country that that is held together by coercion and money, in that order.

An excerpt from the article on Yahoo! News:

The promise of a bright future at Aynak, however, cannot conceal the troubling reality of how business is often done in Afghanistan, according to critics of the Kabul government’s decision to reject bids from competitors in the U.S., Canada and other countries.

The bidding process unfairly favored China, they allege, and epitomized the back-room deals and abuse of power that has turned Afghans against their government and undercut the U.S. military effort there.

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