The Japanese – Perversion or Genius?

The Japanese are a phenomenal people. They are an economic powerhouse filled with honor, achievement, and the way of the samurai. And deep down they like to watch women eat shit with a fork and knife while producing some of the best rape** videos on the internet. Their newest gadget that costs a measly $30.00 US is a small box with a digital screen and a hole on the side. You then put your finger in this vaginal like slot and manipulate different digital animals, characters, and even poke fun at a face. Yes…a face. You can poke your finger soon to be penis at a face and watch it squeal and resist just like the prude you dated in high school.

****Was that a money shot at 15 seconds? I am going with Genius on this one! *****

** HUGE DISCLAIMER ** We don’t condone *rape.  The Japanese do.  Some people just like to fantasize about it.  Don’t judge.  I know a guy that needs to hear one of those “How to Speak Spanish” CD’s in the background while his girlfriend practices rolling her R’s just so he can get off.

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