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Bullet Impacts Soothe the Soul

When a man needs to relax, nothing does the trick better than watching bullets of various calibers impact in slow motion. Thank you, Werner Mehl, for the virtual massage. ***Actually, sex will do a better job. But when bumping uglies is not an option, this will have to do.

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Girls we want picking up guns!

So recently we did an expose on the female species and their lack of shooting ability. Today, we give tribute to those women who fit the necessary requirement to shoot a lethal weapon: busty, wearing a bikini, and under 130 lbs. Enjoy the Vid….

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Shooting…the girls can’t drive either!

So I recently went to the shooting range. What better way to relieve pent up stress than destroying paper targets with hot lead traveling at high velocities? Some people like to imagine that the target represents their wife, boss, or some other negative aspect of their life. I personally like to shoot at the unholy […]

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