Shooting…the girls can’t drive either!

So I recently went to the shooting range. What better way to relieve pent up stress than destroying paper targets with hot lead traveling at high velocities? Some people like to imagine that the target represents their wife, boss, or some other negative aspect of their life. I personally like to shoot at the unholy wildebeests that host “The View.” I would rather have my balls nibbled on by a black bear than watch five women complain that their vaginas hurt.

After putting about ten shots into Whoopi Goldberg and the anorexic blonds’ head, I happen to see two women testing their skills. I figure this would be a good time as any to pick up on some local cuties. What happens next?????? This woman fires one round and the pistol flies right out of her hands. And then she cries. Un-fucking believable!

Further evidence of girls almost killing themselves:

Note how the dude on the right almost gets smoked

Here is one by a trained officer of the law. Note how the dude on the ground gets partially smoked

And this girl smokes herself

This is the only woman that knows what she is doing!

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