I’m Dead. What about my Facebook?

Imagine this hypothetical situation……

You are on Facebook uploading random pictures from the 3rd annual drinking tournament dubbed “The Widow Maker” by your nefarious work buddies. Unfortunately, you came in last place and vomited on your friend’s fiancĂ©e, her younger sister, and her newly installed boobs. These types of antics are not new for you and usually end with a hearty slap on the back, some uproarious laughter, and a few disgruntled girls that end up crying and taking a cab home. This is all fine and dandy until your liver commits suicides and convinces your brain to follow.

Now that you have been properly buried, what happens to your Facebook? What happens to your Myspace? What happens to the 253 pictures that meticulously recorded the great panty raid of 2006 which you both devised and lead? Watch the video below from Hungry Beast to get an idea. Chances are your poor mom has to grieve while looking at snaps of you sniffing womens’ underwear. By the way, we are a big fan of womens’ underwear.

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