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Hodads..check your manginas at the door.

A good burger is one of those things that screams testosterone and this bitch screams testosterone while wielding a sword and clubbing baby seals to death.

Here’s what Scott S. has to say.

“All you naysayers need to give meat props where meat props are due, with cheese. If you’re looking for a tasty burger to recreate the scene from Pulp Fiction in your own home with a Big Kahuna bag purchased off eBay and the soft drink of your choice with which to wash it all down, look no further than Hodad’s. As far as burgers go, it’s a miracle and I want you to fucking acknowledge it, lest you wander the Earth Kung Fu style looking for that ever elusive epic burger to drop that will go down on you while you raid drunk and naked in World of Warcraft.

Hodad's BurgerI fantasize often about my first bite ever into a Hodad’s burger… its paper wrapped so tightly around the meat and toppings barely contained within, it was like an attempt to wrap dynamite with the dreams of American Idol contestants. There was an imminent and real danger of losing my eye to tomato and bacon flak while piercing the flavor grenade with my defusing teeth. Would someone have dropped their burger on the floor while I was there, I would have jumped on it to absorb the explosion with my own stomach.

You’re welcome bitches.

Now go eat a real burger and stop listening to the idiots who would suggest the best burger in the world is served anywhere that will provide service to your fucking car.”

Thanks Scott S. from Arizona for such an awesome review of one of my favorite burgers joints. I couldn’t have been any more eloquent. Want to read more just follow the link.

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3 Responses to “Hodads..check your manginas at the door.”

  1. SD967 says:

    This place is OUTFUKCINGSTANDING! This and Rocky’s is the only place to go for burgers in SD.

  2. Meat Machine says:

    Get the double cheeseburger with extra bacon and you will not be disappointed. Plus its always fun trying to watch the girls get their mouths around these burgers wishing it was me instead.

  3. noname says:

    Just expect to wait at peak hours. The place isn’t that big but it is definitely worth it.


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