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Hannibal Lector’s new line of housewares!

The next time you want to impress the ladies with your mean cooking skills and debonair demeanor, make sure to have this awesome and somewhat disturbing knife block in your kitchen.*** Artist and designer Maarten Baas has finally found the ultimate method of expressing yourself while keeping the girls anxious with your mysterious unpredictability. ***##

Umm...Really...This is your kitchen?  Let's Fuck!

Umm...Really...This is your kitchen? Let's Fuck!!!

*** Disclaimer: This is only cool if you are not really a serial killer. If you are an actual mass murderer, please don’t mention to anybody that we told you about this: unless you get caught. Then feel free to tell the media about Steak Army. We could really use the publicity.

***## On a side note and more of a request on behalf of the heterosexual men out there, can you try not to kill any hot chicks? I understand that sometimes you don’t have a choice. You know, it’s late at night. You see a solo female strutting her stuff at the local Target. I totally get it. But, if there happens to be two possible girls on the menu with one being a total looker and the other being a cross between Chewbacca and Colonel Sanders, please do the right thing and eat the fugly one.

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