Economic fallout with a side of credit crisis…Damn you doomsayers to hell!

There is new speculation that the credit crisis the world’s banks are now experiencing may simply be overblown whining by the larger institutions that are having problems. According to Celent, a financial services consultancy that created the report this theory is based on, “governments are pumping masses of public money into the economy across the world because of the difficulties of a few big, vocal banks and industries such as car manufacturing, which would be in difficulty anyway.” Essentially these mega companies stubbed their toes while sneaking around their parents’ house while coming home after curfew. Now they are complaining that their pussies hurt and their backs are broken.

The Grim Reaper got greedy this year...

The Grim Reaper got greedy this year...

To read the full article from Reuters click here!

Please note this is not the end all, hands down news that the current crisis is a sham of the current economic climate. This is well worth the read however. Draw your own conclusions from many sources of data across the world and you will truly understand what is happening amidst the bias, prejudice, and overbearing opinions that plague the so called “fair” media.

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