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Power Thirst: Part 1 Arrrrgggghhhhh!

This video is incredible. Yes, we know it’s been out for a while now and has over 21,000,000 views.  F$%@ you for saying so. It still makes me want to go out and shoot guns, barbecue, step on kittens, and do all sorts of other testosterone filled activities. Rock on, Powerthirst!

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First Ever Tactical Beer

We at Steak Army are very fond of the nutritious elements found in beer: barley, hops, and all sorts of uh…fiber… and other things that I can’t really think of because I’m already drunk. In all reality, we just love beer because it makes the chunky chick next door look like a god damn supermodel. […]

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Hodads..check your manginas at the door.

A good burger is one of those things that screams testosterone and this bitch screams testosterone while wielding a sword and clubbing baby seals to death. Here’s what Scott S. has to say. “All you naysayers need to give meat props where meat props are due, with cheese. If you’re looking for a tasty burger […]

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