The NFL: the beast of American sports.

The reason why the NFL is the most popular sport was made perfectly clear this past weekend. Where do we begin? How about with the San Diego Chargers who were left for dead in week 13 when they sat with a 5-8 record while the division leading Broncos (8-5) needed a single win to clinch their horrible division. A division that has two of the worst teams in the league: the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs. But now jump to the end of week 15 and the San Diego Chargers are now 7-8 and the Broncos are 8-7 with a final game of the season ending in San Diego for a winner takes all game. Are you frigging kidding me? I am losing my mind right now. I mean this crap isn’t supposed to happen. But wait…it’s been happening all year. Everything went completely crazy this year. Teams that were supposed to be great were turning out average to poor performances. Teams like the Chargers, Cowboys, Eagles, Jaguars, Redskins, Saints, Seahawks and Packers were supposed to completely rock this season. And the teams that were supposed to be bottom feeders like the Falcons, Dolphins, Ravens and the Jets actually surprised everybody.

My heart rate is 130 BMP. My blood pressure is through the roof. And I punched my brother in the face this weekend. I love this game.

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