Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, and a Whole Lot of Hurt…

Snot Bubbles…

Snot Nose FootballAllow me to explain. The term snot bubble was formed in the NFL. Snot bubbles are formed when a player gets his ass completely lit up by an opposing player. This particular hit is so devastating that little bubbles of mucous form around the nose area. If you are unfamiliar with this effect, observe some children under the age of seven. They suffer from this phenomenon naturally without getting pummeled by a 250 pound fullback. If Murphy’s Law has ruined the experiment and you can’t find an example, feel free to accelerate the effect by body checking the closest toddler into a wall or other solid object.

This Sunday when the Baltimore Ravens visit the Pittsburgh Steelers for the third time this season, you can definitely expect the kind of intensity that make for some big gut wrenching hits. The Ravens are still reeling from their last encounter with the Steelers when officials clearly blew a call that gave Pittsburgh the lead and the win. If you are the type that will fall ill from the sight of nose liquids, I suggest you skip this one. But if you have the stomach for such bodily fluids, this is the game of the year. The Ravens are pissed and they want blood.

These two teams hate each other. But this Sunday is going to be big. This Sunday you WILL see war on the football field. This time the winner goes to the Superbowl.

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