President Barack Obama: Where Does Thou Stand?

A high percentage of the American mob that voted for President Obama feel that he is nothing less than Christ reborn. Like any politician, he made various promises and statements during his campaign to procure the necessary votes to win the Super Bowl of elections. Now that he is almost six months into his term, has no problem checking up on El Jefe of the United States and the various assurances he made to you, me, and the A-Hole that vomited on my car door last night.

Click the following to check out the Obameter –


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One Response to “President Barack Obama: Where Does Thou Stand?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great link. I myself voted for Obama and I don’t think this has anything to do with bashing the guy. For far to long we have not held our leaders accountable and look where it has gotten us. If our elected leaders have made promises then they need to keep them. Otherwise they better have a good explanation why. It’s definitely not business as usual anymore.


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